NinGenius Online - Privacy Policy

NinGenius Music Online is available through an annual subscription at

This Privacy Policy describes our collection, use, and disclosure of personal information through the

online version of the NinGenius Music application.

Personal Information Security

All collected personal information is stored on a secure server and is accessible only to the teacher, will become unavailable to all parties once the teacher's account becomes inactivated, and will be permanently deleted once the account has stayed inactive for over 12 months. All personal information is visible only to NinGenius Music Online administrators, and will never be sold to third parties. We will take reasonable and appropriate measures to protect all collected personal information from loss, misuse and unauthorized access, disclosure, and destruction. However, no electronic storage method or data transmission over the internet can be guaranteed to be 100% secure.

Teacher Personal Information

We collect the name and a single email address from each teacher or administrator for login, contact, and support purposes. This email address will not be shared with any other parties and is kept private from students and all other third parties. Teachers also provide us with the name of their school and a name for each class they wish to set up. This information is viewable only by authorized users who login under the teacher's user ID.

Student Personal Information

The only websites students utilize are and The only information collected from students is First and Last Name, and Grade Level, along with a student-created username and password. Each student also selects one or more musical instrument and chooses a class from among the teacher-provided list. This information is used to organize students within the teacher's NinGenius account, and is not visible to, shared with, or sold to any third parties. Student names, instruments, ninja avatars, and game progress are not visible to the public or to other students, and can only be viewed by the teacher to whom they are linked through the teacher ID.

Log Data

All student logins, play time, and achievement data is recorded and made available to the teacher under which they are enrolled. Neither parents nor the public have access to student log data.

Data Sharing

We do not share personal information or data with any other person, party, or company.

Email Address Usage

Teacher email addresses are collected with each subscription, and may be used for occasional contact, unless or until a teacher unsubscribes from such contact. Every email we send has an "unsubscribe" link option, making it easy and secure for persons to remove themselves from our email list. This email list is kept secure and is never shared with any other third parties. Students DO NOT provide an email address at any time for any purpose in NinGenius Online.


We do not use “cookies” on our websites or in our applications. Any cookies used by our Microsoft Azure server will provide the option to either accept or refuse such cookies.

Third Party Providers

We may employ third party companies and individuals to provide services related to business or technical needs, but no such providers will have access to any student or teacher personal data.

Links to Other Sites

Our online application does not contain links to any other sites.

Children's Privacy and Parental Control

The only data we collect from children under (or above) the age of 13 is name, grade level, username, and password, which allows their teacher to organize them into classes and monitor their progress. There is no portal through which parents or any persons other than the teacher can access any student personal information, and parents can only monitor their child’s account by having their child log in for them or requesting information from the teacher. Parents can request to have their child’s account and personal information deleted through their teacher, as the teacher has administrative rights to do so at any time.

Contact Us

Only the NinGenius Online administrators Anthony Winters and Curtis Winters have access to the data described in this privacy policy. If you have questions or concerns, contact our privacy administrator, Curtis Winters, at, 896 W 2370 N, Provo, UT 84604, (801) 762-7102.