NinGenius Music Online is an affordable, complete music theory curriculum presented as a FUN game.

A full year for unlimited students is only $120!

Develop Flawless Sight-Reading

Your students will eagerly work through 35 lessons featuring Note Names, Fingerings, Rhythms, and more to conquer star tests and earn ninja belts.

They can access NinGenius Online in class or at home - on chrome books, laptops, or desktop computers (iPad compatibility is also coming soon).

What Will Band & Orchestra Students Learn?

Your students will eagerly work through this self-paced music theory curriculum, which covers all the essentials they need to achieve flawless sight-reading on their instrument, including Note Names, Instrument Fingerings, Rhythm & Counting, and Music Theory.

NinGenius Online features dozens of music theory LEARNING TARGETS which are assessed using Standards-Based Grading. (Teachers AND administrators LOVE that!)

For each star test, a BLUE STAR shows the student has achieved proficiency. A BLACK STAR demonstrates advanced mastery, with high accuracy and speed.

ningenius music proficiency standards

How Does it Work for Teachers?

NinGenius Online is the ultimate music education chromebook app! Each teacher logs in to their Teacher Portal to set up classes, view a summary of every students' progress, and sort students by name, time played, instrument, etc. Teachers can also download a CSV database file with meaningful DATA that will thrill your administrators!

How Does it Work for Students?

Unlimited students can log in with their chosen usernames and passwords, at school or at home. Then they customize their ninja avatar, and start learning! They feel like NinGenius is a game, but teachers know it is a carefully crafted music theory curriculum, and the ultimate band app (or orchestra app).

What Instruments are Included?

Your students can learn up to 18 musical instruments from the String, Brass, Woodwind & Keyboard families

Brass instruments: Trumpet, French Horn, Trombone, Baritone/Euphonium & Tuba

Woodwind instruments: Flute, Oboe, Bassoon, Clarinet & Saxophone (all types)

Orchestra instruments: Violin, Viola, Cello & Bass

General Music instruments: Soprano Recorder, Alto Recorder, Piano & Xylophone

See What TEACHERS Are Saying

"I REALLY can not believe that NinGenius is STILL one of the only, if not THE only app that allows teachers to track their students progress like this! The kids login and do the test within minutes. No grading on the part of the teacher - just a simple login to the Teacher Portal and BOOM… instant data to prove improvement on the kids' part. I sure do appreciate that ability and the fact that it is SO easy. Not to mention that is is easy and FUN for the kids to do as well! This is one app I NEVER have to fight with the kids about using." -P. Shimmons, MI

"This is SUCH a great resource! I fully intend to use it every year." -P. Lemen, UT

"I teach in an El Sistema-inspired program and many of my string classes are mixed level. NinGenius Music has given me a way to gauge my students' reading abilities without feeling like a test, and they love it!" -Erin E, Brooklyn, NY

"I look forward to using it again next year. My kids love it, I love it, and the data is a gold mine visual for admin and parents." -Mary, Madison, AL

I am so glad that you made an online version of NinGenius! Now that all the students have their own chromebook my kids have access to it anywhere that they have Wifi. I love seeing them progress in the program and how that helps them be successful during rehearsal. I can't say enough good things about this program! I recommend it to every band director I talk to. I used to do paper flash cards for rhythms and fingerings. Ningenius allows me to cover more material without the hours of prep that it took to manage the paper flashcards. I absolutely love the timed tests because they free me from having to do all the assessments for the kids and keep the standards high. There is no fudging with the benchmarks. Thank you so much! -James C., Sevier, UT

See What STUDENTS Are Saying

"I am currently still learning things on my instrument, and this is an AWESOME way to be able to learn the new fingerings and be able to know all the flat and sharp notes so I'm not messing up. I just overall love the app!" -Caleb R

"This game is awesome, and I already got a green belt. It helps me learn my notes and increase my music skills." -MusicalJa

"As a music education student, the last of learning hundreds of fingerings between all the instruments is daunting. NinGenius makes learning fingerings fun! I logged on and used it for practicing Saxophone fingerings. I just played it once and I already know the first 5 notes. Imagine the possibilities when I play it for hours (which I intend to!). -Marie H

"AMAZING!!! I'm learning trombone this year, and this is a very useful app to help trombonists learn more and get the notes faster." -CJB79

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